Crown Tourney XXXIX :
Photographs October 2010

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Closing of the Inne:
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Pennsic XXXVIII :
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Pennsic XXXVII :
Photographs and
Video from Field Battles
August 2008

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i think of myself as a chronicler. I like to capture the essence of an event and through my photos, show people what fascinated me. It seems to me that people go to great lengths to make themselves look authentic, look believeable, and look good. Here, then, is your Word Fame.

It's for those who didn't bring a camera, or were playing and didn't get to see themselves, or who weren't able to get to the event at all. It's for the parents, grandparents, people who can't take a good picture, brother stationed in Iraq, sister in the hospital with injury suffered at the LAST event. It's for the co-workers who don't believe a word you just said. It's for the other fighters in your group. It's for your NSTIW stories.

If I got a good photo, stick it up as your computer wallpaper at home and at work, show it around the office, send it to everyone you know.

i have no interest in attempting to make money from this - that would take far too much of my time for minimal gain and cheapen the experience for everyone. I do not charge for the photos because I use a digital camera and I enjoy taking pictures. I won't make prints. I can, however, email you the original, uncompressed file at it's original resolution ( size is between 200 and 700 KB ) and you can have it printed through WalMart Online or a similar service.

If you really feel I have done you a service and deserve some sort of payment, I would happily accept ... a good dark beer ( porter or stout ) ... a song ... tales of who you sent the picture to and how much they liked it ... admission fee waived to the next event ... advice on fighting ... a good political argument ... help with my archery ... a t-shirt from your merchants tent ... an invitation to your campfire ... or just a simple, heartfelt "Thanks."

Permission is hereby granted to SCA folk for personal use of their own images ( email, wallpaper, inspirations posters, personal website or MySpace / LiveJournal, that sort of thing ). If you would like to use one of these photos for some other, or for commercial use, please email me: Alaxandr MacLochloinn, (  ). If a merchant uses a photo I have taken of his own stall or work, then that is also permitted with no payment or further permission required. Email me for a better quality version if you intend to print.

links to this website should be to the main page,, or to this page, so that any visitors will see and read this disclaimer.

If your photo is here and you'd like it removed, please email me, Alaxandr MacLochloinn, (  ) Include a description as well as the photo number for certainty.

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Comments are, of course, welcome.
Alaxandr MacLochloinn, (  )


You say "Thug!" like it's a bad thing.

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