pennsic XXXVII, August 2008

Before we start, please Bookmark this page. The photo pages do not have links back here. Also, you might want to set an alarm if you need to get something done. These pictures can be mesmerizing! Thanks.

I took too many pictures. Mostly I like them and I hope that I got a good one of you. Look for your heraldry! Since many of you haven't gotten a good picture and I don't know how badly you want that slightly blurry one, I did not delete any pictures. In many sections, there are "others." I went through and pulled out any blurry, non-specific, or repetitive pictures and put them in "Other" using roughly the following criteria:

  • Royalty are rarely repetitive unless out-of-focus.
  • Good bashing and then shaking hands is not repetitive.
  • One-on-one combat is rarely repetitive and never boring
  • Good focus and the ability to see the eyes is not repetitive.
  • Masses of spears and no faces is repetitive.
  • Nine identical shots of the same battle lines is repetitive.

Enough Talk. Here are Pictures!

Opening Ceremonies

Their Majesties held Opening Ceremonies on the Main Battle Field. Flags were waving and hats were glittering on this Glorious and Sunny day.
Opening Ceremonies, page [ one ]. [ two ]. [ three ]. [ four ].


Battle of Thirty, page [ one ].

Gates of Rome
For the Gates of Rome, I began on the EK side of the field but them moved to the MidRealm side, northern end of the line (castle end).
Gates of Rome, page [ one ] [ two ]. [ three ]. [ four ]. [ five ]. [ six ].
    Other Gates of Rome Photos, page [ one ] [ two ].

Champions, page [ one ] [ two ].

Knowne World Squires Tournament, page [ one ] [ two ]. [ three ].

Town Battle
For the Town battle, I was limited to the northern flag, inside the "town" because of new marchallate rules. If you were there, you are in here.
Town, page [ one ] [ two ]. [ three ]. [ four ]. [ five ]. [ six ]. [ seven ] [ eight ]. [ nine ]. [ ten ]. [ eleven ].
    Other Town photos, page [ one ] [ two ]. [ three ]. [ four ]. [ five ].

Mountain Pass Battle
Again, for the mountain pass battles, I was at the northern end, near the castle. Tuchuck, some chivalry and the Lochlevens tended to appear a lot here.
Mountain Pass, page [ one ] [ two ]. [ three ]. [ four ]. [ five ].
    Other Mountain Pass Photos, page [ one ] [ two ].

Bridge Battle
Northern Bridge, mostly. I tried to shoot over their heads but that didn't work. It wasn't until IronLance broke through their bridge and came charging uphill that I got their picture clean.
Bridges, page [ one ] [ two ]. [ three ]. [ four ]. [ five ]. [ six ]. [ seven ].
    Other Bridge photos, page [ one ] [ two ]. [ three ]. [ four ].

Unbelted and Belted Champions, page [ one ] [ two ].
Video soon.

Field Battle videos will be located on YouTube. When ready, I'll put the links here.

Other Photos

Sir Barack, KSCA, EK, gets his belt, page [ one ] [ two ]. [ three ].

Order of Tygers Combattant gains another member, page [ one ]

Around and About
Didn't fit anywhere else, or weren't enough to make a set ... assorted, page [ one ] [ two ]. [ three ].

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Comments are, of course, welcome.
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